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The Quick Answer
What is the difference between dependant and dependent?

In British English: In American English, you can use dependent for both.

Dependent and Dependant

Writers following British writing convention often confuse dependent and dependant. Those following US writing convention have an easier time with these words because Americans do not use dependant.


A dependant is a person who is dependent on someone else. (For example, a child is dependent on its parents. Therefore, a child is a dependant of its parents.)
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  • All embassy staff and their dependants must be at the airport by 6 o'clock.
  • (In this example, the word dependants means spouses and children.)


The word dependent is an Wine Slip Fur Sneaker Red Fashion on Hanxue Women's Shoe v1fq0 meaning contingent on, relying on, supported by, or addicted to.

  • Ankle Gerald Matisse Black Bootie Women's I am dependent on the weather for a safe crossing.
  • (I am reliant on the weather.)

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